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Tour Our Office

Welcome to our office. We are located on the ground floor of the three story 1st Choice Center. We offer Traditional as well as Sport Specific Chiropractic Treatment, Massage Therapy, and Exercise Rehabilitation. We are open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Having later evening hours allows our patients to receive the care they need without missing work.

Our clean and comfortable reception area provides a peaceful place to take care of any paperwork that might be necessary to begin your care. Family or friends that accompany you for your visit will appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and complimentary spring water is always available.

As you make your way down our hallway to one of the eight private treatment rooms, you'll notice the many medals our patients have earned in competition and then donated to our office as a token of their appreciation. Our bulletin board is covered with stories of people thrilled that they finally got relief once they began treatment in our office. We hope your success story will be there soon.1st Choice Exam Room

Your evaluation will begin with a thorough examination designed to get to the root of your reason for being here. Often this means not only taking the traditional information, but digging deeper to understand your lifestyle, sports or other activities, training schedule, competition schedule, and nutrition.

Whether you are coming to get rid of a nagging injury, to eliminate pain that prevents you from doing what you love, or simply to be able to push yourself and your body to the next level of fitness, our goal is to discover the true cause of the problem - not just cover it up.

Your exam may include functional tests that determine how effectively your body parts work together, stress tests to measure strength or endurance of muscles, or gait analysis to determine if your body is operating optimally as you walk or run.

Not every patient requires x-rays. However, if you have a serious fall or trauma, x-rays are often a necessary precaution. Our on-site x-ray suite allows us to see the condition of your bones or joints.

After your examination is complete and a treatment plan has been designed to most effectively deal with your injury, you will be sent to one of our eight treatment rooms.

Our treatment rooms are equiped with various tables and other therapy equipment designed to help in the treatments of both joint and soft tissue conditions and injuries.

For patients who are unable to get up and down on their own, due to back pain, we offer a high/low table which has the ability to rise vertically.

We also offer Cox Flexion/Distraction treatment for patients suffering from pinched nerves resulting from degenerated or herniated discs.

No matter which therapy or treatment is selected for your condition, the goal is always to restore your best health and performance as quickly and as safely as possible.

After your treatment, your doctor may prescribe passive therapy to relax muscles, increase circulation, or decrease pain. Other times strengthening exercises are used to stabilize your area of injury. Both types of therapy are performed in our therapy area.

Make us a part of your healthcare team today! Call 404-377-0011 to schedule your evaluation.

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