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Patients' Results

Professional golfer back "below par" - thanks to Dr. Sadri

Dr. Sadri has done a great job in helping me get my body in competition shape
after I had a shoulder operation and then nerve damage in my wrist.

He has a great variety of skills to deal with different types of injuries.

Wallace Booth
Winner of the PGA EUROPROTOUR 2012

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I call Dr. DelFavero "The Body Whisperer"

Some doctors are great because they know the science of medicine. Some doctors are great because they understand the art of medicine. Dr. Nik DelFavero at 1st Choice Healthcare blends the two perfectly which is a rare find. He really understands the body so I nicknamed him "The Body Whisperer".

Dr. DelFavero navigated me through a clavicle sprain that other doctors could not diagnose. This type of injury put me in unfamiliar territory. He gave me exercise guidelines so I could still exercise but with modifications to prevent aggravating or making my injury worse. His Active Release Techniques reduced the pain and helped it heal. Dr. DelFavero was recommended to me be a coworker who found many people singing his praises on a triathlete message board and I highly recommend him as well.

Thank you for your attention to detail and dedication to your craft.

Kelly S.
Atlanta, GA

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Thanks to Dr. Stolz, Dominique Competes and WINS!

Dominique with Dr. Sasha StolzOn December 7th, 2013, my daughter Dominique participated in her first indoor track meet. Right out of the blocks of her second event, she pulled up and went down. She'd torn her quad in two places. She was told that her indoor season was over and probably her outdoor season as well.

After eight weeks of PT, she was still experiencing pain when she increased intensity.

Dominique continued practicing through the pain but became overwhelmed by her leg, her coaches, doctors, therapists, and me, she nearly quit the track team.

I didn't know what to do, so I began to look online ...(click here for more)

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Frustrated Runner "Tried the Rest" - Finds Relief with Dr. Sadri

Being a runner for many years, I have had more than my share of injuries. I've been to sports medicine MD's, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors though the years for various ailments. Most of the time, I was unable to completely resolve the issue and barely made it from one race to the next. The nagging conditions hampered my training and often required time off from running completely. This all changed after meeting and being treated by Dr. Sadri at 1st Choice Healthcare for a hamstring condition.

After a Thanksgiving half-marathon, I began having glute/hamstring pain. I went to a physical therapist and was given dry needling every week for 2 months. With little results, I knew I needed something else. Thankfully, a friend in my running group gave me Dr. Sadri's name.

Dr. Sadri put me at ease with his down-to-earth, easy going and fun personality. Dr. Sadri was very thorough in his examination which revealed the root of my problem, and he addressed it. No more "band-aid" treatment!

Under his care, I was able to start running again with little pain. Through Active Release Techniques (ART) and the Graston Soft Tissue Techniques, I went from running in lots of pain to running with little to no pain. I highly recommend Dr Sadri for anyone who wants to stay healthy & injury free.

A big thank you to Dr.Sadri for allowing me to do what I love again - running!

Shauna Thompson

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Rotator Cuff Syndrome - Relief thanks to Dr. DelFavero

"During my three years as Assistant Conductor of the Atlanta Symphony, I found that my busy conducting schedule left me with intense rotator cuff pain that required continual management with anti-Inflammatories. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who suggested surgery but I desperately wanted to find a non-surgical alternative. I heard about Dr. DelFavero from a couple of musicians in the Atlanta Symphony and, despite my skepticism about chiropractic, I went for a visit. Before leaving his office that day I was lifting my arm with minimal pain. Six weeks later, after multiple visits and doing strengthening exercises at home, I was able to conduct two intense weeks of rehearsals and concerts normally and with only occasional use of anti-inflammatories. Three months later, I was symptom free and have remained so.

The second issue Dr. DelFavero helped me with was a wrist problem that ended my first career as a violinist. I had struggled with deQuervain's tendonitis for 20 years and, given the success of his work with my shoulder, I asked Dr. DelFavero to treat my wrist. Eleven years before I had had an unsuccessful wrist surgery which only exacerbated some internal scar tissue from the years of inflammation. This scaring left me with restricted range of motion in my wrist and I had been told repeatedly by medical professionals that the problem was permanent. However, after a few treatments with Dr. DelFavero, I had nearly the full range of motion in my wrist restored for the first time in 15 years. I had tried zillions of therapies from Western and Eastern medicine over the years as well as many types of massage, but none of them produced the results Dr. DelFavero achieved.

In my experience, medical professionals with Dr. DelFavero's knowledge, insight, and skill are rare and I am so grateful for my colleagues' recommendation that brought me to his office."

Laura Jackson
Atlanta, GA

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Professional Golfer Avoids Surgery for Knee Pain

Six weeks ago I was in pain constantly from a supposedly "torn meniscus" and after several visits to different doctors, I was ready to get an MRI and schedule my surgery. It was at Thanksgiving that I saw my brother-in-law Andy who was suffering from major hip pain and back pain a week ago. My sister told me that Andy had been in so much pain, he couldn't move, walk, drive, etc.. But after visiting Dr. Sadri, he recovered within a week. I quizzed Andy over Thanksgiving dinner and he strongly recommended me to check out 1st Choice and go see Dr. Sadri.

I was skeptical but I did not want to go through surgery. Amazingly just after 5 visits, I am doing great. My knee no longer hurts and Dr. Sadri is also helping to improve the flexibility in my other knee which had an ACL in 1996. Now I can enjoy playing golf again!

I am so grateful to have had the care at 1st Choice and to be able to recover without surgeries and medication. Thank you so much Dr. Sadri and your staff for the attentive care you gave me.

I will absolutely recommend your office to all my family and friends.

Warmest Regards,

Professional Golfer and Olympic Fencer

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A Motorcycle Accident, Multiple Fractures, but Now Competing Again...

In April of 2010 I had an ugly motorcycle accident where I fractured my left arm and wrist, right hand, and right foot. The accident took me from being a competitive age group triathlete to a sorry looking couch potato; I thought that my lifestyle as I knew it was over.

I contacted Dr. Sadri soon after my accident, and he said he would see me after I finished my surgeon's recommendations and therapy. After a couple of surgeries and endless hours of physical therapy, I had only regained minimal motion in my wrist. It was enough for work, but swimming was out of the question. I remained very discouraged.

I thought running was ok because I had no idea I had broken my foot and neither did my original doctors who looked at my x-rays. When I saw Dr. Sadri, he examined me, x-rayed the foot and said, “yep it is broken... no more running for now".

I'm pleased to report that the expertise and patience of the 1st Choice team paid off.
I started training again and my life is back! In September 2011 I finished my first big race and placed 4th in my age group.

I sincerely believe that without Dr. Sadri and the 1st Choice team, this might never have been possible.

Bob Neurath

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NBA Player's Knee and Ankle Pain:

Since working with Dr. Sadri and the team at 1st Choice Healthcare, my knee and ankle have made vast improvements within the last month. Now I feel young again and explosive.

I would recommend Dr. Sadri & 1st Choice Healthcare to anyone!!

Thanks Doc, you're the best.
Al Thornton, Golden State Warriors

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Ironman Performance Care:

Dr. Sadri is the most focused, determined provider when it comes to identifying the problem and working tirelessly to fix it. He is passionate about his work, and the results reflect that. After four months of not running, a season cut short due to injury, and frustration with dead-end results and no explanation of the problem, I sought out Dr. Sadri's help. He was incredibly thorough in identifying my problem, and has consistently and tirelessly worked to get me back to competing. I am very grateful for his expertise, skill, and dedication to his patients' FULL recovery. As an athlete, he is without a doubt a crucial component of my training and recovery plan!

Amy Kloner
Professional Triathlete & Sport Factory Elite Team member

Ironman Performance Care:

I wanted to show my appreciation for the support and care that I received at 1st Choice Healthcare. Tom John, Dr. Sadri and everyone else were vital in my completion of Ironman Louisville 2008.

Never once did Tom John or Dr. Sadri discourage me from competing in an Ironman-distance triathlon. The training for Ironman took a big toll on my body, specially my disc issue in my lower back. Tom John was always willing to try different forms of treatment to attempt to give me relief from my lower back pain. I truly believe that it was because of the excellent care that I received that I was able to toe off the line at my first Ironman.

Thank you again for all the support, encouragement, and innovative options. I cannot say enough wonderful things about 1st Choice, and I will continue to recommend you to everyone that I know.

Warm regards,
Danielle Grabol

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Plantar Fasciitis:

"After running marathon and shorter distances for 20 years, I became interested in ultra's in 2003. I had been relatively injury free my whole life and simply increased my weekly mileage. In the early part of 2007, I started noticing some heel pain, generally at the start of a run. It would go away during the run and I was training for a 100 mile run, so did not pay it a lot of attention. After finishing the 100 at Umstead, my toes swelled for the next week. The heel pain was now more frequent. I continued to work through it and signed up for another 100 miler in Ohio in June. I kept telling myself if I can make it through the race, I'll take some time off. The heel pain was much more bothersome, but I was able to finish the race. This time my toes and left ankle swelled considerably. I eased back on my mileage and started taking ibuprofen twice a day. The pain seemed unpredictable. Often, it hurt worse after several days off. Walking after sitting or driving for long periods became difficult. I would have to limp around until my feet loosened up. Finally, in the first week of August, I decided to go see Dr. Sadri. I hobbled in, figuring that I would be told to stop running. I found the initial consultation to be quite thorough. He asked me several questions about my symptoms and training. He also had me do some various tests to check flexibility and watched how I walked. After all this, he confidently stated that he could help me. My problem was a build up of scar tissue on the muscle fascia in my calves. He started that day using Graston Technique, followed by Active Release Technique and giving me a series of exercises to help stretch my calves and strengthen my ankles. While the Graston was uncomfortable at times, the results were noticeable immediately! I walked out the door feeling better, both physically and mentally. Better yet, Dr. Sadri said I could continue with my training. Over the next 8 weeks, I continued treatments and the pain and swelling continued to go away. By November, my training mileage was enough to allow me to compete in 2 50k trail runs. I finished both races strong and have now entered another 100 mile race in Virginia during May 2008. Without the help of Dr. Sadri and his staff, I would have been sidelined for months. I recommend anyone that has a running related injury to stop in for a consultation."

Doug Cassiday
Maysville, GA

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Golfer's Elbow:

In 2005, after too much heavy yardwork and long keyboard sessions at work, I developed what my doctor thought was tendonitis (golfer's elbow). Since then, I went to five orthopedic surgeons, five physical therapists, two acupuncturists and two massage therapists and spent a lot of money looking for some answers. I found little relief and was about to give up hope of ever being able to perform simple tasks around the house and at work without pain. Then a friend made a casual suggestion about trying her chiropractor. After one hour with Dr. Nik, I had a new diagnosis of "thoracic outlet syndrome." After 10 treatments and a new exercise program, my pain was greatly reduced and I can work around the yard and on the job with much less discomfort. With more exercise, I look forward to a return to 100 percent. I'll never take my health for granted again, and I'll always be grateful for Dr. Nik.

Jennings Fort
Atlanta, GA

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Plantar Fasciitis:

"When I first developed plantar fasciitis, I thought I had either needed a new pair of running shoes, or had simply been spending too much time on my feet. I tried new running shoes, new work boots and over the counter "comfort" inserts. I waited until the pain was nearly intolerable before accepting the fact that it might be something serious. After doing some research on the internet, I saw that some of the symptoms I was having such as pain in the bottom of my foot with the first

few steps in the morning after a long night of sleep actually had a name: Plantar Fasciitis. I called my primary care doctor and asked for a referral to a podiatrist.

At my first appointment, I received a series of x-rays and an exam. The doctor confirmed my condition as plantar fasciitis. His method of treatment consisted of three cortisone injections, a prescription of anti-inflammatory medication, and a pair of orthopedic inserts. The injections offered temporary relief. The inserts made getting through the day easier, but the pain was still curbing many activities. I went back to the doctor and was told I could not be given anymore injections. He suggested I try nightly icing and perhaps a night splint.

Over the next year I tried everything I could think of. I stretched, taped my feet at night, wore a special splint, I even rolled plastic bottles of frozen water under my feet at night. Nothing resulted in any significant improvement of my condition until I was referred to Dr. Sadri by a co-worker.

The Graston Therapy and Active Release Techniques, accompanied by the stretching exercises Dr. Sadri uses have made a major difference. I no longer experience pain with my first steps in the morning. My overall foot pain has been drastically reduced. Even after spending long days on my feet, the pain doesn't linger into the next day the way it used to. I am very impressed with my progress. My treatment has not been completed and yet the healing that has taken place is remarkable. Dr. Sadri and his staff have managed to do what no other doctor could do in just a few visits. Additionally, he has worked with my insurance company to ensure they provide proper coverage. If you are suffering from similar problems, you owe it to yourself to visit Dr. Sadri. Don't waste money on "treatments" that mask symptoms, but more importantly don't waste time and limit your quality of life by living in pain."

Michael Sarvis
Dunwoody, GA

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IT Band Syndrome:

I had not been able to run over a mile for many years due to intense knee pain caused by my IT bands. Even long distance walks were becoming difficult. After visits to orthapaedic surgeons and countless physical therapy sessions, I was still in pain and very frustrated. Browsing the internet on the topic one evening, I came across an article Dr. Nik had written about IT band problems and the difficulties in treating and diagnosing the cause of the problem. Impressed with the article, I called his office and scheduled an appointment. After 3 treatments, I was regularly running 3 miles pain free. By 6 teatments, I was running 5 miles pain free. I am now activley participating in long distance hiking, adventure racing, and mountain biking. Dr. Nik took the time to correctly diagnose the cause of my IT band problem and then properly treat it. I can't thank him enough for helping me get back on my feet."

Brian Boughner

IT Band Syndrome:

"I came to see Dr. DelFavero for issues I was having with my IT bands while training for a half-marathon.I had already gone through four weeks of physical therapy but was not back to running yet and was still feeling pain in my knees.I had several friends recommend the doctors at 1st Choice, and while I will admit I was skeptical of seeing a chiropractor for my IT band issue, it turned out to be the best thing I could have done.I saw Dr. DelFavero for several sessions where he performed ART (Active Release Technique) and Graston on my IT bands and I was soon running pain-free again.I have had other issues with my legs come up since then that other doctors have missed, but Dr. DelFavero has been persistent with treating my injuries and helping me get back to participating in triathlons.

Dr. DelFavero is extremely knowledgeable and I have always felt like I am in very good hands when he is treating me.He has such a great personality and always makes me laugh, even when he's working on my legs.I have referred him to several people in my triathlon club because he does an excellent job with sports-related injuries.As an athlete himself, Dr. DelFavero understands what it's like for us athletes to be injured and how we just want to get back out there as soon as possible.I am very happy that I found 1st Choice and Dr. DelFavero and thanks to him I am back up and running.The staff at the office is also amazing – they are so flexible and are always happy to work you into the schedule."

Meredith Stein

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